Restaurant Bodrum with delicious food and delivery service in Neubeckum.

The Bodrum Imbiss offers delicious Turkish specialties in the heart of Neubeckum. The Turkish food like the döner bag are delicious and taste good. The ambience of the restaurant is modern.

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tel. No. Delivery service: 0 2525 - 80 58 74

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The Bodrum snack bar offers good food for everyone in a nice and quiet atmosphere, as well as delicious food to take away or for direct delivery with the delivery service.

The menu also offers a wide variety to choose from.

There is something for every taste.

At the Bodrum Restaurant you can have menus in the categories all-day savings - full - menu, lunch menu, different kebab bags, Turkish specialties, dough dishes, dough boats (pide), baguette, Choose from pizza, pasta, burgers, grill, schnitzel, side dishes, sauces, salads, appetizers and soups.

Save-full menus

Lunch menus

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Pizzeria Bodrum

Bodrum Pizzeria offers a variety of pizzas. Also special requests such as chicken or turkey skewers; can be selected. In addition, everything is topped with fresh ingredients.

The pizzas are available in small or normal sizes and there is something for every taste. Be it vegetarian, meat, cold cuts or seafood.

The pizza rolls are also available in 7 different flavors.

Bodrum - bag

The Bodrum snack bar has Bodrum bags in 11 different designs.

From Salad Bag, Fish Bag, Chicken & Fries - bag or Bodrum - fries - bag and the Bodrum - bag is all there. It's totally worth taking a look and taking with you.

Dough dishes and dough boats (pide)

Bodrum's delivery service also delivers dough dishes such as various dürüm, falafel and lahmacuns.

The dough boats (pide) are also freshly prepared and can be delivered by delivery service if desired.

But if you like it rustic, the different baguettes are suggested.

Pasta dishes

Bodrum Restaurant offers 16 different noodle dishes which are very popular with young children and adults alike. Of course, these will also be delivered directly to your home by the delivery service.

Barbecue and schnitzel

At Bodrum´s Imbiss there are also very tasty food for the gourmets such as bratwurst, currywurst, kebab, half or whole chicken, gypsy schnitzel and much more.

The snack bar also brings the food directly to your home.

You can also order side dishes such as fries, rice, gourmet fries, special fries or rice.

We also recommend a wide variety of sauces, which are also super tasty.

Salads and appetizers

The salads and appetizers are also very popular at Imbiss Bodrum. The restaurant serves them fresh and only with the best, but also very fresh ingredients.

No matter whether it's a farmer's salad, mixed salad, potato salad, pasta salad or other salads, we prepare them ourselves.

Soups are also very popular at this restaurant and only cost €3.50.

Allergy table

Bodrum´s Restaurant and Takeaway also has an allergy table, which can be viewed directly by anyone with allergiesTo inform and protect additives.

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Döner kebab meat skewer made of lamb grilled over fire.